Andi Menrath

Drum Set Recording and Performing Artist

Since 1979:

concerts, tours, airplay, sound recordings, cross-genre performances,

5-year jazz drums studies at the conservatory of the city of Vienna with

Prof. Erich Bachträgl,

worked with Iréne Schweizer, Damon Smith, Mark Dresser, John Edwards,

Elisabeth Harnik, Burton Greene,  Simone Weissenfels, Joe Williamson,

Jerzy Mazzoll, Isabell Duthoit, Phil Durrant, Yedda Lin, Melissa Coleman,

Marco Eneidi,  Achim Tang, Ursula Hofmann, Peter Legat, Birgit Denk,

Sayuri Kato and many others,

composer and bandleader of the project Developing Life.


Andi Menrath's compositions are the plaything of his emotional world,

have autobiograhical character and tell of events and thoughts of his life.

Because of his depth of thinking and feeling, Andi Menrath acts interpretatively

on subtile levels of perception, draws his musical inspiration from uninhabited nature and was able to discover a way to his personal interpretation.

Andi Menrath takes the infinite creativity, beauty and intensity of the nature of our planet as a musical model for his instrumental work.

Jazz with poular aspects and soulful lyrical melodies, a multifaceted concert experience with high artistic standards.